Sunday, January 17, 2010

JavaBat Jan Features GO

There's a few features in the pipeline for JavaBat. Prompted by a suggestion from a loyal reader, I tried putting a copy of the GO button up at the top, so writing code is less constrained by the availability of vertical space, like on a netbook. I'm hoping we all get used to it, since it seems useful, but it does look a little funny after all this time with the button at the bottom.

Also, for people using the authoring feature, the tag parsing was so primitive, it could not tolerate any spaces like in "section : Logic-1" ... anyway I fixed that bit of lameness.

A teacher suggested that it would be nice if a teacher could see all the problems a student has attempted, rather than just the ones completed. That would be easy enough to do. One disadvantage would be that currently students can attempt but not solve a problem privately, and I like it that way. I don't want anyone to feel inhibited about thrashing around trying to solve things, since that practice will lead to excellence, but it won't look excellent at the start! Anyway, it's maybe worth trying as a feature.

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